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Your Upper Limit

One of my greatest joys as a coach, is helping people become more self aware. When you begin the self actualization process you start to up-level all areas of your life that help you reach your highest potential and use your gifts and talents in the way you were born to. There is such bliss in achieving this. My clients are often astonished about what obstacles that they can overcome in 6 weeks and how much they can actually transform their lives in such a short period of time.

No matter how deep we go on our own or how many mountains we move, there is usually an Upper Limiting Belief that is keeping us from reaching our TRUE POTENTIAL. This is where working with a coach is really key. In the book, "The Big Leap", Gay Hendricks describes this Upper Limiting Belief as the glass ceiling, or a barrier holding you back. He believes that once you solve this problem you can go from ordinary to extraordinary in success, in abundance, in love, in creativity, your personal goals, or whatever you are desiring.

So how do you uncover your Upper Limiting Belief? Think about a time when things were going really well for you. You were feeling exceptionally good about your work, your relationships, your bank account, and you just felt so satisfied in how smoothly life was flowing. At some point during the proud and happy acknowledgement of how well things were going, you have a thought that is the exact opposite. What if this doesn't last? What if this goes wrong? What if my boss doesn't approve of my work? What if my health deteriorates. Etc.. Etc.. You begin to have more unpleasant thoughts and images like this that bring you down. This is your Upper Limit. When you reach the highest level of positive feelings for an extended period of time, your mind will manufacture thoughts to bring you back to a more familiar state that it deems "safe". Each person has a different set point. Discovering it is the work.

How do we overcome our Upper Limit? The example I like to give is the 4 minute mile. Doctors, scientists and other experts claimed that it was absolutely impossible to run a mile under 4 minutes. Roger Banister did what everyone said was NEVER going to happen. Just days after he broke this barrier and ran a 3:59mile in 1954, someone else beat his time! Several others followed their lead that same year. Once these men stopped believing that something was impossible, it became possible. They saw their Upper Limiting Belief for what it was, and simply pushed past it.

What is your 4 minute mile? Do you believe that you can only be "so happy?" Do you think that only a certain level of success is possible for you? Do you believe that your relationships will always have a limited capacity of happiness before the disagreements begin again? Do you eat well and work out for a specific amount of time before you binge eat and self sabotage? Take note of your habits and practices and acknowledge what your Upper Limiting Belief is.

As always, I am here to assist you with this process or any questions that you might have. E-mail me at Don't forget that enrollment is open for the ANXIOUS to AMBITIOUS ACADEMY and it is filling fast. The price is only $197 for this launch only. It will never be this low again. If you want to break through your personal Upper Limiting Beliefs and achieve big goals, this group program is for you. Contact me today for more details.

With Visions Of Love,

Michelle xoxo

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