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Your SELF WORTH is directly related to your NET WORTH.

  • You cannot doubt, force or hate yourself into achieving your highest potential… But SELF LOVE can work miracles in every area of your life!

  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself, your money and your life!

Let’s remove the shame around your desires

The woman who is tired of saying no to the things, and the life that she craves, because of money.

The woman who can feel deep down inside that she was meant for more and has more to offer the world.

The woman who is ready to LOVE and treat herself the way she loves and treats everyone else in her life.

The woman who is ready to live a rich life from the inside out.

The woman who knows that she was NOT born to suffer, shrink, or live in lack, but does not know how to change the pattern of behavior that she inherited.

The woman who is interested in abundance, making an impact and increasing her confidence.

The woman who senses that it can be so much easier than she is letting it be.



Money SELF Love the experience consists of lifetime access to 12 Video trainings, and LIVE Q&A's with Certified Transformation and Success Coach,

Michelle Dunk and your Money Self LoveSisters

View the videos at your convenience, at times that work best for YOU

Closed Facebook Group with unlimited support and weekly Q&A’s

High touch coaching with unique perspective and ideas

Inspirational Meditations and Tools to raise your vibration

Content will be delivered in a straight from the heart, motivational and high energy way that will literally change the way you view yourself and abundance in all areas of your life


  • You will learn to understand your personal Money Blue Print

  • Discover how to change your relationship with money  

  • Exponential personal and/or professional growth

  • Increased Self Worth, Confidence and Fulfillment

  • Clarity around your limiting money beliefs, so you can create a new abundance story (whether you are a stay at home mom, network marketer, entrepreneur or in corporate~ this applies to everyone).

  • Learn to regulate your nervous system around your Money Traumas

  • Heal your receiving wounds 

  • Deep Connections and Accountability

Who is Michelle?

Michelle Dunk is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, and Certified Transformation and Success Coach.


She is the president and Founder of a unique Mentoring and Scholarship Program called In beTWEEN Girls. Her organization is a Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation dedicated to empowering the lives of TWEEN and Teen girls.


Michelle is also the CEO of the Visionary Mentoring Group, which has a mission to bring personal and professional visions to life.

She holds a degree in Sociology from Rowan University and a concentration in International Studies.  Her newest project is a contribution to the International Book, Women in Business – The Balancing Act, due out this fall.  Michelle has spent the past 14 years balancing motherhood with an active commitment to motivation, healing, and mentoring through her non-profit work, entrepreneurial pursuits and coaching.

If I can do it, YOU can do it!


  • Stay at Home Mom who didn’t feel worthy of gifts …

  • To the proud Founder of a Non-Profit Mentoring and Scholarship program where I didn’t take a salary (because I believed that I had to earn my God Given worthiness) …

  • To an empowered woman who reframed my limiting beliefs around self-worth and abundance.  

  • I now run a thriving Coaching Company helping women reach 6 and 7 figures and finally know and own my value.

  • Today I continue to do my philanthropy work, prioritize myself and my family, while receiving beautiful compensation for the work I have been called to do.  

If you are a woman who is ready to get crystal clear on her desires...

It’s time to receive what has always been meant for you, including




God led me to Michelle at a point in my life where I was exhausted and overwhelmed, feelings I know are shared by so many professional working moms. I signed up for a 6 week course that Michelle was launching, and immediately began to feel a shift. It was like magic, except it wasn't magic. It was Michelle using her extraordinary gifts and intuition in the most gentle and loving way to guide me through the process of re-claiming my power through self-awareness and self-love. I could literally and figuratively feel myself stepping back into my power. Taking that chance was the best decision I ever made. For the first time in what seemed like forever I invested in myself and the results have been extraordinary. I know that I would not be in the place I am today, living deliberately and once again filled with love, joy, and gratitude that feels like the delicious warmth of sunlight, if I had not taken a chance and signed up for Michelle's course. I am forever grateful to Michelle for helping me re-claim my power and guiding me onto a path of self-love that has awakened my inner bad ass and brought me such joy, gratitude, and abundance.

Erin Coyle

Clinical Project Manager, President of Sunshine Project, Race Director for Sunshine Running Club

I swear Michelle… this work with you is crazy!  I just got home to a check in the mail for almost a thousand dollars after refinancing my student loan.  This, along with my severance package, will be more than enough to help us with finances.  I’m vibrating high and so grateful. 

(Next Day)

I kid you not… another check today, from refinancing our house.  It pays not to sit still and take action.  PS-I start my new job tomorrow and I am so excited.  It’s exactly what I wanted, including working from home a few days a week.  It will leave plenty of time for me to work on my new Non-Profit.  I firmly believe that when I got clear on my desires, the Universe brought it to me, pretty incredible! 

Jamie Gairo

CEO Asha Institute and Adjunct Professor at Rider University

Michelle helped me to realize that I was accepting ENOUGH money each month – when I really wanted ABUNDANCE.  Through our work together, I learned (and released) what core beliefs I held about money that were holding me back from receiving more money in my life!  Since learning this, I have asked each of my clients for an increase in my rates, and I have received that compensation from each of them!

Jennifer Skowronski

Owner of Turn Key Properties, Real Estate Investing and Property Flipping

Hey Michelle! I wanted to update you on the progress that I’ve made on my money blocks.  I honestly didn’t realize how much I was blocking money from flowing to me! I’ve definitely made some very real progress!  In the past week, I’ve received SEVEN offers on the first flip… the one (that despite it’s gorgeousness) has been on the market for over five months has received two full price non-contingent offers in the past 24 hours!!!  Thank you sooooo very much for enlightening me and inspiring me to work on something I didn’t realize needed work. It’s obviously already been a serious game-changer!

Jennifer Roth

Owner and Photographer at Gaia Dawn Studios

Michelle truly has a gift to hone in on our limiting beliefs surrounding money and self worth and transform them into truth. She is so authentic and wise and my work with her was life changing. If you struggle with a negative money mind set I highly recommend working with her to get to the core of what's holding you back from living the abundant life that you deserve.

Solina Feliciano-Gonnion

Owner of Solina’s Skin and Soul Spa

It has been such a blessing to work with Michelle in a number of her group programs, as well as one on one.  Working with Michelle has been life changing to say the least! She has helped me gain clarity and focus in my life that I never knew was possible before.  I have hope and faith in a way I never knew existed. Because of what Michelle has taught me I have been able to attract beautiful experiences, amazing people, and a new business that I absolutely love, into my life.  Michelle has been an angel and blessing that I will forever be grateful for. I could go on for days about this amazing woman who has changed not just my life but improved my whole family’s state of being and presence.  Working with Michelle is the best investment that anyone can make in themselves!!!

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Are you READY to invest in yourself?



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