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A collection of enlightening stories to reconnect, uplift and inspire your soul's


What if one book could change the way you looked at the world?

What if one story could heal your heart from years of pain?

What if one chapter of hope could ignite your life and propel you on a soulful journey?

What if one page used words that reconnected you to your true self?

What if one sentence captivated you in a state of pure love?


In this new release, Women Who Ignite, 20 women have chosen to step forward and share their raw and authentic stories in a collaborated book that is sure to inspire, empower and light your Inner Spark!



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"Everyone has a story, and I’m no different.  I, like so many people, believed that there was an author outside of myself who had already written my life’s memoir for me.  I existed by reacting to every event and chapter as it unfolded.  The truth is I lived most of my life this way pretty happily – no harm and no foul.  There was joy, but certainly not a lot of passion or meaning.  There were also aches and pains, but I had never experienced any real tragedy or felt the need to call on courage in a big way.  That all changed in my late twenties when a difficult and dark event took place.  In order for me to make sense of it all and to begin to heal, I knew that I could not stay the same.  The immense fear and anxiety of this incident caused me to desperately search for hope and peace.  I needed the revelation that I was indeed a co-author and creator with God in my personal autobiography.  You see, transformational stories can only be written by HIM through YOU.  They are the messy scribbles, reformulated thoughts, and soul lessons written, rewritten, and read over and over until you take full responsibility for your life – EVERY LITTLE BLESSED BIT OF IT.  This, I would discover, is how to find your personal power … what I call your Inner Spark!"

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