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You may not want to hear this but feeling overwhelmed and anxious is a choice. I know this, because it was a choice I made every single day for years. Just as under earning, or doing unfulfilling work is also a choice. Yup, that one stung my heart too. The good news is that you can make a different choice.

Learn from the collective wisdom and support of an intimate group of like-minded people. This unique collective gives you the opportunity to engage with a compatible accountability mentor and begin to make empowered, life changing choices for yourself.


Enjoy the benefits of mentoring groups, including:

  • A supportive environment with like-minded peers

  • Structured and outlined weekly Accountability Mentor calls to support, encourage and up level

  • Weekly e-mails from Michelle to give tips and inspiration

  • Closed Facebook group and live Facebook coaching sessions

There are just not enough words to describe how I feel today. Relieved, encouraged, inspired, excited and just plain happy. I just had to follow up with an email bursting with love and thanks for yesterdays session. As a business minded woman, I imagine tremendous success for your company, and I feel like the most blessed person in the world that our paths crossed at the perfect time.

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  • Identity Check Course (Finding your Inner Spark)

  • Mastermind Mentoring Groups (personal and professional)

  • Heart centered Step by Step Non-Profit Launch Program

  • Anxious to Ambitious Accademy

  • Soulful Mentoring from Pain to Purpose Webinar

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