Imagine a Whole Day Focused on YOU and YOUR Future

No interruptions. No barriers. No distractions.

Our enlightening and enriching one-day Mentor-Cation retreats are designed for women looking for personal and professional development. This day of reflection is purposely created for the overburdened, active woman searching for more at this point in their lives. It’s your time to reset, reenergize and grow through the self-care necessary to live a fulfilling life.

  • Enjoy a relaxing, serene, supportive, and fun environment with like-minded women

  • Engage with live coaches that will provide clarity and creative options for busy women to reconnect with their mind, body and spirit

  • Restore your connection with your inner spark, the voice and wisdom within that is always guiding you

  • Rejuvenate with nurturing vendors such as massage therapist, Reiki practitioners, essential oil and crystal experts will be on site at each event

Delicious spa lunches, and refreshments and fun surprised are always served. Feel like you went on a holiday without having to set foot on a plane! Every retreat will include beautiful, calming meditations and provide tools and techniques for you to continue your journey at home.

*Price depends on location and agenda.

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March 01, 2018

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