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Are you the Victim of your Story?

''Do you prefer to be right or happy?” When I first read this line in A Course of Miracles years ago, it literally stopped me in my tracks. I come from a long line of passionate debaters. I learned from an early age that feeling that I was ‘right’ and proving it, equaled power and a sense of control. Reading those words for the first time flipped my world upside down. Didn’t being right equal happiness? If someone wronged me, wasn’t it my responsibility to protect myself and show them how they hurt me? Proving my point and standing my ground at any cost felt so good…didn’t it?

At the time that I first read this question, I was experiencing tremendous anxiety and pain. I had hit a breaking point in my life that caused me to seek joy and happiness above everything else. This kept me open to the possibility of The Course's question. I started acknowledging that my past desire to find certainty and control was very fear based and coming from a lack mindset. Living in complete conviction of my beliefs and not having any flexibility or open mindedness held me back from releasing any negativity where joy and happiness was meant to thrive. It made me a victim. The victim of my own story.

Most likely you can relate to this as well. As humans we all have egos. They tend to use fear to keep us stuck. This is how the ego feels important and needed. However, the satisfaction that it gets from being right is very temporary and not sustainable. It never seems to be enough. Your ego convinces you that it is trying to protect you from being hurt by anyone else, but in reality, it causes self inflicted pain. Happiness is different, it is long term. Happiness is healing.

Take the time to evaluate your craving to be right and see if it is ego driven. One way to know that you are acting from ego is to see if God has been removed from the equation. Your ego will encourage you to spend your energy talking about the people that don’t agree with you, or have wronged you, in attempt to change their minds. Your soul would encourage you to go inside where God is and search for a new truth. You get to decide if you will choose suffering (needing outside validation) or happiness (internal bliss). If you are ready to release yourself from the victim role and choose happiness, you have to surrender from the constant boxing match of the proving mentality.

Ask yourself, "Who would I be if I were no longer the victim of my story?"

Would you be free to parent from love, not by fear ? Would you be free to stop living the way you think that you "should" be, and begin to intuitively navigate through each day? Would you be free to walk away from conflict that was causing you stress? Would you give more compliments and accept more compliments? Would you ask for help where you need it? Would you allow someone that seems to be attacking you in a conversation to feel heard without the need to respond or be offended? Would you be free to love your partner or spouse just the way they are and not keep score of everything little thing? Would you ask for help where you need it? Would you love your body as it is today and what it does for you? Would you be free to show up authentically in your friendships and working relationships? Would you be free from your attachments to your problems or your thoughts and beliefs about these problems? Would you become unattached to suffering?

If you let go of the Victim role, you would be free to choose happiness. You would allow yourself to be divinely guided. You would be the hero of your story!

If you desire to be the hero of your life, then reach out to me. I would be happy to provide you with resources, or a talk about a way that we can work together so that you can experience long lasting peace, clarity and fulfillment.

With Visions of LOVE,

Michelle xoxo

E-mail me at or set up a FREE discovery call with me here:

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