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Anxious to Ambitious

EVERY SINGLE MORNING, without fail, I open my eyes and thank God for another day. I am truly in love with my life, even on the days that don't go the way that I had hoped for, and even through the challenges (trust me, there have been some doozies). I know not everyone wakes up with this kind of gratitude and it is part of my mission to change that. At the bottom of this blog you will find out one of the ways I am doing that.

If you follow my story you know that I suffered terribly from anxiety. When I lost my Mom unexpectedly, my occasional mild anxiety took on a life of it's own. I suddenly feared EVERYTHING! I wasn't living, I was merely existing.

At first I silently dealt with general anxiety. For me, this felt like I was coming down with the flu before I did anything or went anywhere. I would start to feel a little weak, dizzy and sick to my stomach. Sometimes I would get super cold and shake. Eventually, my anxiety escalated and I was having full blown panic attacks daily. I can only describe a panic attack as sheer terror and loss of control. To me it would feel like I was completely disconnected from my mind, so I could no longer "talk myself" down from the anxiety. I witnessed my thoughts, and they were absolutely irrational. I could feel the pounding of my racing heart and the blood rushing through my body. My breathing would become wildly labored. I wanted to scream for help and literally desired to run away from my own body. However, the fear was so unbelievably intense that I would be too paralyzed to speak or move.

The last panic attack that I ever had was on a snowing night when my husband was working late. My two girls were on the floor below me, playing with blocks and making castles with them. A scary thought triggered my anxiety and before I knew it I was having one of the worst panic attacks that I had ever experienced. However, I was much more afraid of the thought that the panic attack caused me to have~ "I can not live this way". I began to cry and I prayed silently to God to help me. I had done this before, but this time something different happened. All I can say is that I surrendered, I didn't have any fight left in me. Instead of trying to resist the anxiety and the attack, I gave into it. To my surprise when I did this, it stopped. You see, surrendering wasn't giving up, it was giving in to a higher power. I opened my eyes and I looked down at my daughters. My youngest was sitting there looking at me with a concerned smile and holding up a block. When my eyes were able to focus I saw that there was a heart on it. It was my sign, it was my answered prayer. I was ready to start living again.

From that moment on I made a decision that changed my life. I would no longer run away from my fear. I would face it head on and see what it was trying to guide me to. Each time I found more of who I really was and I came out stronger, happier, more at peace and more alive than I ever was in my entire life. On the other side of my fear, was what I had been seeking. I found joy!

How can anxiety and fear being useful guidance? Let me put it this way: I now stand on stages and address rooms full of people at conferences, school assemblies and workshops BECAUSE I have been afraid of being judged. I created a Non-Profit Mentoring and Scholarship Program for TWEENS and Teens BECAUSE I have had the fear that I am not capable or good enough. I co-authored and shared my story in a #1 best selling book, BECAUSE I have been afraid that no one would ever want to read my work, or approve of me. I go with my family on adventurous road trips and fly with them to other parts of the world, BECAUSE I have experienced anxiety around traveling and letting go/giving up control. I coach other women through their personal transformations BECAUSE I have been afraid of failure. Everything I have ever wanted was on the other side of my fear. I now give gratitude for my fears BECAUSE the one gift that I am certain about in my life is my ability to use those fears as guidance in my healing. I am on a mission to teach others how I did it.

Are you ready to see what your fears are guiding you to? Are you craving a more fulfilling, peaceful life that your anxious, nervous, worried, angry or fearful thoughts have been trying to lead you to? Are you ready to turn your anxiety into AMBITION?

I am looking for 10-15 people to join my Anxious to Ambitious Academy. In this intimate group program I will teach you all of the methods, and tools that I personally used to go from anxious to ambitious. I will walk you through how I used my emotional intelligence that led me from a stay at home Mom (who literally couldn't leave the house) to a successful author, speaker, and happy mama who runs two thriving businesses that serves others. This program is for anyone who is slightly overwhelmed - to those who are needing help with more frequent anxiety that is effecting the way they are living their daily life (and everyone in between). These women will be learning mindset skills, loving boundaries, better time management, calming tools + energy work, and being supported in a loving community of women with the same goals and desires - more peace, joy and freedom. *Please note that this is not for someone whose current mental health is below baseline and should seek medical treatment.

If you would like to know more about this program and want to know if you are a fit please make an appointment for a quick call and interview here.

or e-mail me

The cost of this 6 week program is only $197 for this first launch only! I know it will fill up quick, so don't let your fear hold you back from finding your greatest joy!

With Visions of Love,

Michelle xoxo

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