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The Energy Of Money $$$$

I have discovered something interesting from working with my fabulous clients. They come to me from all different backgrounds, ages and education, and they each crave a different transformation. They may wish to start a new business, desire healing from grief, want to launch a passion project, transition into a new Mom role, or create peace amongst adversity. Others are looking to understand their range of feelings and connect with their emotional intelligence. Some ask for guidance on leaving a job, or how to begin a new career path. There are women who wish to learn how to integrate their work/life balance better and discover how to have more time for themselves. Several more have desired to overcome chronic anxiety, some seek more joy and sustainable happiness, and there are women who want to start fresh and find their true self after a divorce or a serious illness. The interesting thing that I have found is that no matter what topic that they wish to focus on and how much they want to fall in love with their own life, 95% of my female clients will wait until the very end of our time together to tell me that they also struggle in their relationship with money and it effects their personal and professional growth.

These women come from all different income levels and financial situations (from what you would consider just getting by, to living a comfortable life, to having abundant wealth) yet they all equally feel a disconnect with money. Their cause of this unstable relationship is fear, and how it plays out in their lives may vary. Some believe that there is not enough abundance to go around and fear it will run out. Some believe that you have to work really, really hard to make any money and feel that there is honor in that effort, which keeps them in a cycle of struggle. There are also those who believe that money (or lack of it) is keeping them stuck and they can't ever get ahead or go after that dream.

What I have come to realize is that they put off talking about these money beliefs with me because they feel ashamed of them. They feel shame about their current financial circumstances or mindset and don't know how change it. They feel frustrated with the fact that the life that they desire does not yet match their bank account. Very often they feel ashamed because they are taught that talking about money isn't polite, or that it is wrong to be motivated by money or want more. I want to take the shame out of the subject of money. I help my clients heal their relationship with money and begin to see it for what it really is - ENERGY in the form of divine compensation from God. There is NO SHAME in that! Learning to receive more abundance is a form of spiritual growth.

"Spiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the universe can write a new one." ~Marianne Williamson

In order for you to give up your past story, you have to acknowledge that you actually have one. What is your current money story? What behaviors did you observe as a child around money that has shaped your relationship with it today? Notice how you feel in your body when you talk about or think about the subject of money. How do those beliefs about money show up for you in your daily life?

Do you avoid money and do not want to know how much you actually have, or what bills are coming in? Maybe you believe that wealthy people are greedy and dishonest, so you subconsciously push money away to avoid that label? Do you believe that you have to work way too hard for money, and even after all that hard work there will always be "just enough"? Do you not trust money and therefore you are always moving money around and feeling unsafe about it? Do you feel unworthy of your abundance so you do not enjoy the blessings that you have earned?

Write out your current money story in full detail. Include specific memories and experiences going all the way back to your childhood. Then ask yourself if your money beliefs are absolutely true for you. Who would you be without this money story? My hope is that through this exercise you will notice that your thoughts about money may not reflect the relationship that you crave to have with it. It may be what you were taught or observed from well meaning people. You many find that it is your thoughts about money that causes you the stress. It is your thoughts about your current reality that has you worrying about your future. With these thoughts you have stress, without them you have peace. Peace is the gateway to opening space for more so that you no longer have to fight with reality. This would mean that money is not the cause of your stress or just is, it is neutral. Money is energy that you either invite in or repel away. In the book, 'The Law of Divine Compensation' it describes money simply as an exchange of energy through which you bless the world. (I love that). My aim is that it becomes crystal clear to you that your experience with money today is just a mirror from your past beliefs and yesterday's thinking.

You can choose a new possibility in this moment! We are all designed to prosper. This is a universe of miracles and you have infinite potential. If you desire to shift to a wealth conscious mindset and want to rewrite a new money story, then lean in...I have an invitation that can help:

I am offering 3 different ways to work with me 1:1 that will include everything I teach my private elite clients, with a bonus money healing lesson added on to each call, AND you will also receive my Financial Abundance Video! PLUS I am offering these packages for a limited time at a discount. See the invitations below for more details and let me know how I can best support you to create a transformation and a better relationship with your money!

*FULL VIP DAY ~ This VIP coaching intensive day is for my quick start ladies who are ready to set the world on fire and desire a clear vision on how to do just that. You will be treating yourself to a fabulous day that includes deluxe treatment from start to finish. Our focus will be all on YOU! Maybe you want to map out a new business plan, discuss how you can leave a legacy by creating a new project, or come up with money making and saving strategies. Perhaps you desire to learn how to let go of resistance and create more time freedom, peace, and passion in your life. Whatever your goal is, we will design a custom day that is highly transformative and productive to meet your personal needs.

This day will take place at a 5 star luxury hotel or venue in the Philadelphia area that will include a healthy gourmet lunch (delivered to our suite or spa/pool side) and dinner by private chef or 5 star restaurant (depending on where which location we choose). Spa service and/or energy work and independent time for writing and reflecting will be included. Of course there will also be a full day (6-8 hours)of private COACHING with enlightening, fun and lively conversation.

You will leave the VIP day pampered, energized and refreshed. More importantly, you will also be completely focused as we will spend the day diving deep into your desires and engineering a clear plan of how to achieve your new goals.

The VIP DAY Investment is $4,000 until midnight on Sunday, May 28th (Normally $5,000). Payment plan is available (4 payments of $1075.00). You will also receive my Financial Abundance Video Training and some other fun surprises! *This package can also be customized to accommodate up to 4 people to bring down the price per person and up the energy and fun.

*1:1 Mindful Mentoring ~ This is your chance to work with me in a very high touch manor over a period of 6 weeks. I will help you create a plan to bring your vision to life. You can expect that I will guide, support and encourage you in a very nurturing, soulful, maternal way. However, I will also hold you personally accountable to a higher standard and push you to expand your vision past anything that you have ever believed you could do. Start the journey with me today with personalized, one-on-one mentoring that will help you carry out your vision and obtain complete ownership of your life.

The 1:1 Mindful Mentoring Investment is $1360 until midnight on Sunday, May 28th (Normally $1700). Payment plan is available (3 payments of $475). This package will include (6) one hour coaching sessions, plus additional money healing strategies and the Financial Abundance Video Training.

*Laser Coaching and Tapping Session ~ Designed for past clients that need some tweaking and refreshing...or for those who want a bite size taste of what coaching has to offer.

The Laser Coaching and Tapping Session investment is $240 until midnight on Sunday, May 28th (Normally $300). This package includes a 1 hour laser coaching call that includes EFT tapping to remove energy blocks and aid in healing on a particular topic or problem. Plus the Financial Abundance Video training.

Why am I offering these packages and bonuses? Because I see you and know that every week when you read my words it feels like I am talking directly to your soul. I know you are tired of not living up to your full potential. I want to remove any shame around your thinking and show you just how amazing you really are. I believe in you and want to see you succeed and live a fulfilling life. No more reading about my clients transformations, IT'S YOUR TURN!

E-MAIL ME TODAY so we can discuss which package is the best fit for you.

*These offers are available to everyone on my mailing list until Sunday May 28th. All others will have access to it for 48 hours only from the time I post it on social media. Never miss out on a blog post or discount again, please make sure you sign up to received my weekly Tuesday Testimony Blog on my website homepage.

With Visions Of LOVE,

Michelle xoxox

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