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Put Some Skin in the Game!

My husband is a two time Iron Man. For those of you who do not know what an Iron Man consists of, it is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon (a 26.2 mile run) in one race! You have to complete all three events in 17 hours or less to be considered an actual Iron Man. Yes, he completely amazes me (for many reasons). I could write hundreds of blog posts on the things that I learned while watching him train and just from being a spectator at the events. There is truly nothing else like it on this planet.

It obviously takes a tremendous amount of strength and a steep time commitment to sign up for a challenge like this. It also requires a financial investment. The average Iron Man registration fee is between $650-$1000. If you are doing it for charity you would be required to raise thousands more. Don't forget the investment in the equipment (bikes, bike shoes, helmets, running sneakers, swim gear etc..), the gym memberships, nutrition, trainers, and travel expenses that will add thousands of dollars to your grand total.

Why would you actually commit to, and pay for anything that would push yourself so far out of your comfort zone and experience more uncertainty and discomfort than you have ever imagined? BECAUSE THE TRANSFORMATION IS PRICELESS! You can not put a price tag on the reward of who you become through that experience, the memories you make, what you learn about life on that journey, and what the pain has to teach you. The adversity and variety is what makes you feel completely alive. That's what makes this challenging race so powerful and prestigious. Let's face it, if the race was not a big commitment and it was free, people would be more likely to skip it. The smaller the investment, the smaller the priority for most people. You could easily talk yourself out of showing up. There would be zero accountability.

So many of us are talking ourselves out of what we really desire (a powerful and prestigious life), and are not showing up in our own lives because we don't have any skin in the game. Maybe we do not feel worthy of investing in ourselves with our valuable time or money. So we never even make it to the start line. We never get to run our own race.

Are you setting yourself up for failure or planning for success? It all starts in your mind. Studies show that 80% of success is psychology, meaning your mindset and your beliefs. While only 20% is strategy, the action plan to achieve your desired results. Are you investing in that success rate daily? This could be reading personal development books, working with a coach or mentor, developing a mindfulness practice, learning visualization, focusing on your mental and physical health, repeating positive affirmations, taking motivational courses, journaling, feeding your mind empowering thoughts, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people that cheer you on and back your drive.

What is your personal "Iron Man"? Maybe it's a weight loss or a fitness goal. Maybe it's a certain amount of money in the bank. You could be craving a big promotion, a new job or you dream of starting your own business. Possibly it's a hobby that you want to learn, or a passion project that you wish to launch. Do you desire healing in your relationships, an illness, or your own heart? Maybe it's learning to cope with and release anxiety, stress or anger.

Whatever it may be for you, don't keep it inside. It's time to breath life into your goal and act on it. Just keep in mind that your action plan is nothing without a vision and a positive mind. Just as no amount of training for an Iron Man will work if you do not believe you can do it; no amount of planning for anything in life will work if you do not have a strong mindset that matches it.

If you are craving transformation and are willing to invest in your success, then your accountability and starting line is right here:


With Visions of Love,

Michelle xoxo

*contact me through the website above or schedule a 1:1 session today:

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