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Tuesday Testimony

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. I love to be outdoors, and after a cold few days, I was thrilled to be outside for a hike. There is something so exciting about a fresh new start. I ended up wandering off on a path that I had never been down before. About a half and hour in, I came to a little stream that separated the path that I was on and it's continuation that waited on the other side of the water. I had a dilemma. The stream was too wide and too deep to cross without getting soaked. The thought of having squishy sneakers for duration of my nature hike did not appeal to me. It got me thinking about life's path for each of us...

How do you handle it when your path gets slippery and the future doesn't look like you expected it to? Do you let your mind wander and focus on your challenges? Do you compare them against your own perceived strength? OR do you allow those thoughts and challenges to remain in the future and take one thing at a time in the present moment?

Humans are the only creatures that that anticipate future events. We are each born with emotional intelligence that guides us and keeps us connected or tuned in. This is a gift when intuitively used as it was designed to be. However, it can also be a burden, if you use this anticipation for self inflicted worry instead. Boy do I know this first hand! For years I filled my mind and body with terrible anxiety and fear. I learned how to use these anxious emotions as signals, or a personal compass to show me where I was on my path and which direction I wanted to move in.

Yesterday I celebrated just how far I have come on my own journey. I decided that instead of jumping through the water, or abruptly turning back around, that I would follow my instincts to simply sit on a log next to the stream and listen to the running water while I meditated. Being alone with my thoughts was a complete impossibility just a few years ago and I am so grateful that it comes so easily for me now.

After a short time, a man came running through the woods and startled me out of my mindfulness. I said to him "I'm curious on how you will get across." He replied, "There is always a way!" Without slowing down he went across on two thick tree branches that had fallen in the stream. He maneuvered like he was walking a tightrope and then continued on his run. He was a big man in stature and I was amazed how graceful and light he looked on his way to the other side. It dawned on me that when you carry the weight of fear and uncertainty on your back, you are more likely to stumble and fall. This man was free from fears. I am deeply appreciative that I am free from mine as well!

When you learn to free your mind from unnecessary worry, the path of peace and abundance appears before you one step at a time.

If you are ready to free yourself from your own fears, let's chat. Set up a FREE discovery call with me today via the link below:

With Visions Of Love,

Michelle xoxo

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