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Snow Storm Surrender

Here in the Northeast, Mother Nature hasn't been able to make up her mind. In the spand of two weeks, we have experienced highs of unseasonable 70+ degree weather, sporadic fall-like rain storms, and frigid record low temperatures. Today we were expecting a blizzard, but so far we mostly have frozen rain!

Our lives can also be this way. Highs and lows and unexpected storms just when you are ready for the next season to begin. Most of us will try to use our own strength and ability to power through these types of adversities alone. Sometimes, this works in our favor, and sometimes we slip and fall on our faces...either way we miss the big picture if we are trying to do it on our own and forecast what is next. Life is best lived as a collaboration. A collaboration with friends, partners, family, co-workers, strangers and most importantly God.

When you invite in co-creation and are open to ALL possibilities (not just what you hoped for, or planned for), your whole perspective and view changes. Instead of trying to plan out your day perfectly, or trying to predict what will happen in each moment, let go and surrender to your internal guidance (or in theme with this writing, your internal weather map) instead. This is the space that life becomes a fantastic adventure and you begin to witness miracles all around you.

Think about the storms that you have encountered in your own life. What have your learned from that experience? Who showed up for you, what changed? Who did you become? Take a page out of Nature's book and keep your plans tentative to adapt to the inevitable changes. Embrace the idea that it is all necessary for true growth. Understand that there is a perfect plan for your life when you are allowing it, and not trying to effort it. The right people and the best circumstances will be revealed to bring the sunshine that you crave.

When you have faith that life is always happening FOR you, not TO you, then you can trust that everything is blooming in divine timing. Where ever you are in the world, whatever weather you may be experiencing, stop and enjoy it knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

With Visions of Love,

Michelle xoxo

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