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Want to add some sparkle to your life?

Want to brighten up a gray day...or welcome your Inner Spark into your daily life? Shake things up!!!!!

As we are running around "Adulting" (the race to nowhere) we repeat the same tasks, most of the time in the same exact order, day after day. This monotonous routine keeps us feeling bored, and STUCK. When this happens, your thinking also becomes monotonous, repetitive and stuck too. It can feel directionless and sometimes hopeless. And what we get is MORE OF THE SAME.

The best remedy for your personal groundhog day is to change your focus from your mind to your heart. A Course in Miracles has taught me to start my day in silence and ask these questions to God, "Where will you have me go? What will you have me do? What will you have me say...and to whom?"

Trust that the answers will come. If you begin each day like this, these few moments will detach you from the daily stresses and begin to provide you with direction and focus. This is your invitation to living a fulfilling, exciting, purposeful life!

Oh, and just for fun, make a commitment to switch things up in your daily happenings too. Take a different route to work and notice the scenery, don't eat at your desk~meet a friend for lunch. Get up an hour early and get some movement or self care in, listen to music that makes you want to get up and dance (and by all means DANCE). Use the good china and sip champagne for no other reason than you are worth celebrating...let your imagination go wild to achieve daily consistant variation.

How will you make one change in your daily routine today?

Visions of LOVE,

~Michelle xoxox

PS~ If you wish to receive more inspiration like this in your mailbox, or be the first to know about events and exclusive deals simply subscribe on my homepage!

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