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Suffering from FOMO?

Tuesday Testimony:

Last Monday night my phone completely stopped working. It turned off and refused to turn back on! I run two businesses and a household from that phone. And let's be real, that device also keeps me thoroughly entertained and makes me feel that I am up-to-date with everything and everyone. I felt totally disconnected from the outside world. I will spare you all of the details, but I had to go without my cell phone for 4 days. This would be interesting.

So what happened? Honestly, at first I felt completely lost. I sensed that I was missing out on something, like I would just disappear if I wasn't eagerly participating and nurturing relationships both personally and professionally. A huge case of FOMO set in. Surely there were texts coming in that I wasn't seeing, and calls that I wasn't receiving. My mind immediately went to work imagining that I was now left out of some amazing and enlightening conversations. It tried to convince me that I was definitely being excluded from once in a life time opportunities. I decided to sit with my fears for a bit to see what would come up.

It dawned on me that my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) was legitimate. I was seriously missing out...on my own life! I had gotten into the habit of just running around with my head looking down at my phone to see what was next~ who could I serve, what e-mail needed to be answered from the grocery store parking lot, what voice text I could fit in at a red light, what upcoming commitments, games, meetings (you name it) did I have in the pipeline. I was just moving right down my never ending to do list. It was keeping my focus on the future. I wasn't paying any attention to myself in the present moment. I realized that God had a specific message for me:


I was reminded that all of our stress and fears are just thoughts that are focused on the future. The what-if questions, or the wanting things to happen before their time. If we understand that these worries and stresses are only in the future and not actually in our present circumstance, then we can see that our fears are just illusions of our minds! We can choose a different way. We can be present with love.

When we take things moment by moment we allow our Inner Spark to guide us. It's the inner GPS systems that we each have inside of us programed specifically for our unique journey. Mine was telling me to slow down and enjoy the ride.

For 4 days I made calls from my land line. I hiked and did my daily walks in silence and noticed the gorgeous nature and landscape all around me. I became laser focused on 2 projects that I had previously been distracted from. Life did not stop. I managed my time like a champ. I did not miss any life shattering news or opportunities. In fact I booked 2 new clients from good ole' e-mail and my house phone. Most importantly,I spent some beautiful quality time with myself and gave my family 100% of my attention when we were together.

Are you suffering from FOMO in your own life? Start by putting loving boundaries into place to create more down time with yourself. I recently spoke at a Woman's Conference where Samantha Ettus was also speaking. She has interviewed hundreds of high profile and successful people for her books and radio show. One story that caught my attention was from her interview with the brilliant and extremely busy TV writer and single mom, Shonda Rhimes. I admired what Sam shared about Shonda's e-mail signature. It reads: *Please Note*: I will not engage in work emails after 7 pm or on weekends. IF I AM YOUR BOSS, MAY I SUGGEST: PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE.

If Shonda can unplug and set boundaries like that in her own life without experiencing FOMO, can you?

With Visions of Love,

Michelle xoxo

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