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August 30 th 2016 (Morning – Early Afternoon)



Facebook, Instagram, Text and/or Email

Please note: DO NOT share on your post. This is a private, hidden page just for those who are helping with the launch.

The website to share is

*Please text or e-mail me with any questions regarding this.*

I’m so deeply grateful to each of you for helping me spread the word about my new coaching company, Visionary Mentoring Group, and the launch of my new website and Facebook page. As you know, I am passionate about teaching people how to connect with their Inner Spark and discovering how to let it guide them to the life they have always envisioned … the path that is meant uniquely for them! In order for me to touch and change the lives of the amount of people that I VISION, they need to know I am here and what I do :) Therefore, I appreciate you helping me be visible to all of your contacts.

Here is where you come in:

Choose the social media platform and method that you would like to share my information on and I will give you everything that you need below.

THANK YOU FOR SENDING OUT THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF POSITIVITY, LOVE AND SUPPORT ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th! I couldn’t have done this without you all. xoxoxo - Michelle


Right click to download and save the image that you like & think that your contacts will resonate with.


Copy & Paste a message to share.

I’ve created a sample message that you can copy & paste with the image you selected above. Of course you are more than welcomed to tweak the message or create your own personal message!

Please remember to use the hash tag #visionarymentoringgroup and tag me on Facebook and Instagram. Like my facebook page first so I can be tagged and see your posts

***FACEBOOK SHARES: Please make sure you upload the photo FIRST and then copy and paste the text below or it will show up wonky on your page. Thank You!


Congratulations to my friend Michelle Dunk on the launch of her new business, Visionary Mentoring Group. Please check out her new Facebook page for daily inspiration, tips and live coaching at and then head over to her gorgeous new website to see what amazing things she is doing for her clients!


Michelle is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Certified Transformation and Success Coach. You can read how she turned her own personal pain into her purpose when she discovered that it was simply her intuitive guidance, which she calls her INNER SPARK. Michelle is now dedicated to mentoring others in connecting to their own Inner Spark so that they can find their unique path and vision in life. Subscribe to her newsletter and you will also receive a free gift that will definitely leave you feeling relaxed and connected.  Her contagious energy is sure to “Spark” your interest in remembering the vision that YOU were meant to live!



Share AWAY! Tag your friends, or someone that you know could really use uplifting and the information that I will be providing on my Facebook page and Website.


I would of course LOVE it if you would also join my Facebook page and check out my website. Please look around the site and grab your free gift. I would really appreciate your feedback and letting me know how I can better serve my growing audience.

Thank you again so much for your time, encouragement and beautiful support. If you have any questions at all please e-mail me at

Much Love & Gratitude,

Michelle xoxox

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