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You may be experiencing uncertainty, monotony, or pain in your life … and you are not alone. No one ever taught you how to step into your power and connect with your Inner Spark. My sweet friend, you can turn your challenges into Purpose, Passion, & Prosperity.

Bring your personal vision to life.

Start your own passion project or business. Find your creative outlet. Re-engage with your inner self.


I know what it's like to feel stuck and disconnected.

I lost my identity in my role as mom, wife, friend, and volunteer. I was exhausted trying to prove my self-worth in pleasing and impressing other people. I threw elaborate themed parties, marathon playdates, created gourmet meals and homemade gifts all wrapped up in matching wrapping paper and burlap bows. Everything looked pretty on the outside, but on the inside I was lost and painfully aware that I wasn’t doing what I was being called to do.

Eventually, I could not deny that I was craving more.

I had a deep sense that there was more to life than I was allowing. If you desire growth and transformation, to remember who you are and what you want from life, I understand, and I can help. I dedicated many years to seeking knowledge via coaches and mentoring, books, meditation, and soul searching. In that search, I found my true purpose as a healer, a coach, a mentor, and a guide. Allow me the privilege of introducing you to the person that you were always meant to be. 

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"This can't be all there is."

I’ve said it. You’ve said. And you’re right. There is so much MORE. As an intuitive mentor, I can see your blocks and limiting beliefs that have stopped you from unlocking your epic dreams.

Showing up for life and letting your light shine is thrilling. Let me show you how.

Through my signature mentoring program, we’ll find your Inner Spark and channel your divine wisdom to lead you to the future that is uniquely meant for YOU via:


See what others are sharing about their experience with our mentoring coach.

Jennifer Dingle

Speaking with Michelle was like talking to a wiser version or myself. Within 20 minutes she had gotten to the root of a block that has affected me for years. My perspective of situations occurring in my life were shifted. It was like a lightbulb went off and a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders. Michelle was nurturing throughout our conversation and encouraged me to take small steps through simple exercises, which have already begun to make a huge difference. Working with Michelle is a must for anyone desiring to move forward and create positive change.

Jewell Siebert

Michelle is one big ball of love, light, and guiding goodness all wrapped into one amazing, authentic person. In just our first session, she helped me recognize a talent within myself that I was overlooking, and helped me get unstuck. Michelle gave me incredible clarity, concrete tools to further develop my path, and the confidence I needed to take massive action in my business. Working with Michelle is truly a treat. Her insights are profound, eloquent and from the heart. And talk about love - this wonderful woman held such a gentle space for me to align my gifts with my purpose. After our session, I felt clear, focused and re-energized, and was able to create pages of ideas for my business (yes!). I'm so grateful for Michelle and her amazing gifts.

Mandy Scanlon

I am so grateful for Michelle. I honestly was in the darkest place of fear, depression, anxiety and was having panic attacks, until Michelle began coaching me. I had seen numerous doctors, therapists, etc., with no improvement. I then reached out to Michelle … Michelle’s coaching has brought me to a whole new place in my life, that I never imagined I could be. She taught me meditation, how to handle having a panic attack, and how I was actually on a path of something new! And boy was she right! I am now starting a fashion blog and business with the hopes to help others too!! I am forever grateful for my amazing friend Michelle Dunk.

Kerrie Sullivan

The Universe guided Michelle to me at a pivotal point in my life where I was ready to make a shift, but not willing. This was only because I could not see what was blocking me. Michelle has an amazing gift on being able to see directly through you to the heart of the matter. She was able to fiercely see where my blocks were with no hesitation. She boosted me with confidence and held a space of trust and healing in order for me to walk in blind faith knowing I was being guided to the next right action step. The amount of progress I have made thus far is phenomenal. I was able to look my fears directly in the eye and talk them down because I now know where and why they were arising. Life is a bit sweeter having had Michelle coach me on relationships, self-worth, and manifesting my dreams. She will definitely take you places. Thank you again Michelle. My life is completely different because of your guidance.

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